Those Days Single Launch Residency at Evelyn Hotel

The Do Yo Thangs are back with Those Days, another slice of minty fresh R&B with a twist. In celebration they’ve announced a Wednesday night residency this November at Fitzroy’s The Evelyn Hotel. The release foreshadows an album long in the works and heading your way soon.

A darker, more electronic musical direction sees the band take their staple 808 kick drums and tight vocal harmonies into almost Little Dragonesque territories to meet frenetic drum programming, growling synthesizes and fuzz bass. The single is the Do Yo’s longing for the freedoms of youth in a world of stress, responsibility and pressure. Adulting is hard – even for musicians.

8.11 ~ Koda & Close Counters

15.11 ~ Cofi & Laneous

22.11 ~ DXHeaven & Zillanova

29.11 ~ Allysha Joy & Thando

$8 entry